When to Book Your End of Lease Clean: Timing it Right for a Refund

Getting your bond back at the end of a lease can feel like a game of timing and precision. Every step you take towards vacating your property is crucial, and none more so than the end of lease clean. This critical task can be the difference between a full refund and a partial one, or worse, none at all. But fret not, as we delve into the world of end of lease cleaning, we’ll guide you through the optimal timing to ensure you walk away with your bond intact.

The Perfect Timing: Understanding Your Lease Agreement

Firstly, it’s essential to understand the specifics of your lease agreement. Typically, the notice period for vacating a property is around 14 to 28 days in Australia, but this can vary. Within this window, your end of lease clean should be a top priority. The ideal time to book your cleaning service is immediately after you’ve confirmed your moving date. This ensures you secure a spot with your preferred cleaning company and gives you ample time to rectify any issues they might find.

Why Procrastination Costs You

Leaving your booking until the last minute can lead to a rushed job or, worse, no available cleaners. This might mean you end up trying to tackle the job yourself, a daunting task that often leads to missed areas and, subsequently, deductions from your bond. Early booking not only secures a spot but also gives you peace of mind, knowing a significant part of your moving process is in professional hands.

Pre-Cleaning: The Step Before the Professionals

Before the cleaners arrive, it’s wise to conduct a pre-clean. This isn’t about scrubbing floors or cleaning ovens but rather decluttering the space. Ensure all personal belongings are out of the property. This helps the cleaners move freely and clean more efficiently, ensuring they can focus on the deep clean required for a bond refund.

The Inspection Schedule: Syncing with Your Landlord or Agent

Coordination with your landlord or agent is crucial. Typically, inspections happen in the final week of your lease. Ideally, schedule your cleaning service a few days before this. It allows time to go back and address any areas the cleaners might have missed or your landlord isn’t satisfied with. This buffer is your safety net, ensuring you have the time to meet the property’s cleaning standards.

Choosing the Right Service: What to Look for in End of Lease Cleaners

Not all cleaning services are created equal, especially when it comes to end of lease cleans. Look for companies with a bond back guarantee. This shows they’re confident in their service and will return to address any issues if your landlord isn’t satisfied. They should also provide a comprehensive checklist of what their service includes, matching it with the cleaning criteria in your lease agreement.

Affordable Cleaning and Gardening Services: Your Partner in End of Lease Cleaning

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How far in advance should I book an end of lease clean?

Ideally, book as soon as you know your moving date, typically 2-4 weeks in advance. This ensures you get a spot with your preferred cleaners and have time for any follow-up cleaning if needed.

Can I do the end of lease clean myself?

While you can, professional cleaners are recommended. They understand the standards required for a bond refund and have the tools and expertise to ensure every nook and cranny is addressed.

What does an end of lease clean include?

It’s a thorough clean of the property, including areas often overlooked in regular cleaning, such as ovens, range hoods, and behind appliances. Ensure you check with your chosen company for a detailed checklist.

What if my landlord isn’t satisfied with the clean?

Choose a cleaning service with a bond back guarantee. This means they’ll return to address any issues at no extra cost, ensuring your landlord’s satisfaction and the return of your bond.