10 Things to Look For When Hiring an End of Lease Cleaner

End of lease cleaning is crucial to get back the bond deposit in Sydney. Taking a professional cleaning service is reassuring. However, you need to be careful when choosing a company. Poor service can lead to disputes with your landlord. You may also potentially lose the security deposit. You should look for local, trained, experienced, and reputed companies for the job. Some of them also offer a 100% bond back guarantee. You will have little to no difficulty finding the right professional vacate cleaners when you know what to look for in them. 

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What You Should Look for in Cleaning Companies

This may take some time to research about your local cleaning companies. You have to be patient as it’s important to hire good move-out cleaning services. Look for the below features in your cleaning company:

Book Local Cleaning Company

You should look for local companies for a number of reasons. You will experience several benefits from them. For example, they are familiar with rental property cleaning standards in your area. They know what landlords expect from tenants and how to meet them. 

Besides, local companies can respond quickly. They can offer you extra flexibility than companies from distant locations. You can also get personalised services from them. Moreover, when you hire local companies for the end of lease cleaning, you also support the community. It can be your contribution towards the progress of the locality. 

In Sydney, you have a good number of quality end of lease cleaning companies. It can be a little difficult to decide among them. However, with multiple criteria, you will be able to find the best option for you.

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Look for ASIC Registered Companies

You must look for ASIC-registered companies. This proves that they are a legitimate business. ASIC stands for Australian Securities and Investments Commission. It regulates companies, financial markets, and services to ensure they operate fairly and transparently. 

ASIC registered companies are aware of rental property cleaning standards and property inspection criteria. This reduces the risk of disputes with your landlord. It also ensures the quality of the cleaning service. Registered companies are easier to track and contact. You can verify their registration online. 

Choosing an ASIC registered company helps you avoid scams. It ensures your end of lease cleaning is done properly. You can meet the end of lease cleaning standard, impress property managers, and get your bond back. ABN is a business number allocated to a specific company. It helps identify a business. You must check and verify them, as some companies may make fake claims. You can check the validity of the registration on ASIC’s official website

Check Previous Customer Reviews

This is a must to do. Any good end of lease cleaning company will feature customer reviews on their website. You can see what their customers think. Nonetheless, you must not rely on the website only. Check Google Maps, forums, and social media pages.

Some websites can showcase fake reviews. But they cannot fake those reviews on all the platforms. That’s why you should check on different platforms. It may take some time. But it’s the safest way to invest your money in them. 

You can also engage in conversation with their previous clients. Ask them if they recommend that you use the service, too. If people are saying positive things, then the company is more reliable. 

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Do They Provide Eco-friendly Cleaning Services?

Eco-friendly companies follow sustainable cleaning practices. This means they choose cleaning products that are safe for the environment. These products are also safe for human health. They are non-toxic and don’t cause allergic reactions. Here are the other benefits of eco-friendly cleaning:

  • Reduces the risk of respiratory issues
  • Eliminates the possibility of skin irritations
  • Safe for both children and pets. Yes, you can use them in the presence of children and pets.
  • Biodegradable ingredients break down naturally. It minimises harm to the ecosystems and waterways. 

In some cases, eco cleaning can be mentioned in the lease agreement. The use of baking soda, vinegar, lime, etc., not only cleans but also kills bacteria. This promotes hygiene in the property. You will also feel good for contributing to the wellness of the environment. 

Compare Quotes from Different End of Lease Cleaners

You should ask for quotes before booking a vacate clean. Responsible companies provide free quotes. They also help you with the estimation. The quotes are sent free of charge. You don’t have to deal with companies that charge for quotes. Now, you can use quotes to compare different company’s service rates. 

The quotes will also mention their charging method. Some companies charge you by the hour. In contrast, some charge you for the entire task. They will give you an estimate before the cleaning. The amount won’t be depending on the time. This is beneficial for people who will have fewer furniture and items.

There are shortcomings with both methods. Companies may give you a wrong estimation of time to charge you more. You had better pay attention to find more reliable companies. And when you compare different quotes, you can develop an idea about the ideal cost. Opt for the company that offers the best price. 

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Inquire about Their End of Lease Cleaning Inclusions

The definition of end of lease cleaning varies for different companies. Some may include everything on your property, while some won’t. Many cleaning companies exclude carpet and window cleaning from their service. This can be stressful for you. You will have to clean them yourself. 

Discuss with the customer support team in detail. Let them know what services you will need. You can also ask for their end of lease cleaning checklist. See close if it misses anything that falls under the lease agreement obligations. You need to find a company that offers complete tenancy cleaning. It will help you pass the move-out inspection without any casualties. 

Transparent Cancellation, Refund, and Re-cleaning Policies

Transparency is a key speciality of good businesses. They will share any information you need as a customer. It’s important to discuss the unexpected things. Ask them about cancellation, refund, and replanning policies. 

There should be clear instructions regarding the refund and other things. This is the sign of a transparent and responsible company. In cases they don’t have it mentioned on the website, ask customer support. They will help you understand the terms in easy words. Good companies will never refuse to help you. You may need to cancel the booking for some unexpected reasons. Query about their cancellation process and see if the terms are user-friendly. 

Sometimes, their service may not satisfy the landlords. What actions will the cleaning company take then? This is an important question. You must know this before making the booking. Some companies will re-clean without questioning. 

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Availability of Insured and Trained Professionals

Make sure the cleaning company provides insured and trained professionals. This is crucial for quality assurance for end of tenancy cleaning. Trained cleaners understand the rental property cleaning standards. They can use the correct cleaning equipment to achieve the best results. You can expect the best service from them.

Insurance is also an important factor. Bond cleaning requirements include thoroughly cleaning the house. It includes cleaning the high areas. Though they are professional cleaners, accidents can happen. Under such unfortunate incidents, the insurance company takes responsibility. You won’t have to take financial liabilities. Otherwise, you may have to contribute to bearing the cost of medical services. 

Availability of 100% Bond Back Guarantee

A bond back guarantee is also referred to as a satisfaction guarantee. This means that the cleaning company will do everything it takes to satisfy your property manager. They will clean every area so that you can retain your deposit. Such companies are well-informed about the property inspection criteria. 

However, there can be some exceptions. Maybe your landlord is not satisfied. You still don’t have to worry. Just let the cleaners know, and they will return to work again. They will work on the problem areas once again. And this second time service comes free of cost. 

This guarantee can remove the stress from you. Their guarantee ensures you are not losing the deposited money. 

Flexibility for Unforeseen Issues

Flexibility is a user-friendly approach. Unforeseen issues can arise during the cleaning process. You may need to make some changes to the date or time. A flexible company can adapt to these changes. Check if they can accommodate last-minute adjustments. 

Make sure they have a responsive customer service team. This ensures quick communication and resolution of issues. 

Reputed professional companies have a good number of staff. They can handle such sudden changes in plans. However, if you are working with freelance cleaners, you may not enjoy this facility. They are often on a tight schedule. You should discuss this before making the booking. 

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Final Words

These are the criteria you need to consider when booking a cleaning company. The final result mostly depends on the expertise of the cleaners. If you choose the wrong company, there can be unpleasant consequences. If you are in Sydney, you can check on Affordable Cleaning and Gardening Services. We have an expert team for the task. Transparency, user-friendly rates, flexibility, etc., are our common features. We also use eco-friendly cleaning products based on your preference. Call 0481321530 now to know about us and book your spot.