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    Do you dread cleaning the bathroom? Does scrubbing tile grout or unclogging drains seem like an endless chore? Then it may be time to call in the professionals for a sparkling clean bathroom. We at Affordable Cleaning and Gardening Services can help you with it. Our expert cleaners have been providing premium bathroom cleaning services in Parramatta and surrounding suburbs since 2004.

    Parramatta is a vibrant suburb located just 23 kilometres west of the Sydney central business district. As one of the major commercial hubs in the Greater Western Sydney region, Parramatta is a bustling neighbourhood with a rich history and bright future. Over 204,000 residents call Parramatta home, enjoying convenient access to shops, restaurants, parks and both the Parramatta River and Sydney Olympic Park. Our cleaning technicians service customers across Parramatta, including the neighbourhoods of Harris Park, Rosehill, Westmead, Merrylands, Granville, North Parramatta and Wentworthville.

    From scrubbing tile grout to unclogging drains, our Parramatta cleaners specialise in making bathrooms sparkle again. We thoroughly clean all surfaces, fixtures, and features, leaving no mildew ring, soap scum or grime behind. Our services include toilet, shower, tile, and mirror cleaning, along with sink sanitising, floor mopping, grout restoration and drain unclogging. We remove built-up grime, disinfect fixtures, wipe out vanities, scrub tubs and more, freshening up your bathroom.

    Why choose our Parramatta bathroom cleaning service? For starters, we use eco-friendly cleaners and high-quality tools to get the job done right. Our technicians are fully insured, trained, and experienced, providing reliable and efficient service. We work around your schedule, typically cleaning a standard bathroom in just an hour or less, so you can get back to enjoying a pristine space. Our affordable rates coupled with a 100% satisfaction guarantee give you peace of mind.

    We are flexible with the services we offer. No matter how many bathrooms there are in your house and what fixtures are in them. Our team has the expertise and tools needed to provide a perfect job to you with bathroom cleaning. On top of that, our bathroom cleaning experts will offer spotless cleaning results. Simply trust our expertise and we will ensure that you don’t have anything to worry about.

    Contact us today to schedule an appointment or get a free quote for bathroom cleaning in Parramatta and surrounding suburbs. Our technicians bring the cleaning supplies and elbow grease – you just relax and prepare to be amazed at what your bathroom looks like when we’re done!

    We Provide Comprehensive Bathroom Cleaning Services

    Our bathroom cleaning service includes a thorough, comprehensive cleaning of all surfaces, fixtures, and features. From scrubbing stubborn spots to sanitising handles, we leave no corner untouched. Here’s an overview of what our cleaning package entails:

    Toilet Cleaning: We deep clean the entire toilet, inside and out, removing stains, mineral deposits and bacteria using disinfectants. The toilet bowl, tank, lid, handle, base, and surrounding floor are all cleaned.

    Shower Scrubbing: Tile walls, floors, doors, and tracks are scrubbed clean. We restore grout and eliminate soap scum, hard water stains and mildew.

    Tile Grouting: A specialised grout brush is used to clean discoloured or dirty grout lines throughout the bathroom. Grout can then be sealed to resist future stains.

    Mirror Polishing: Mirrors shine like new after we eliminate grime, toothpaste splatters and other built-up gunk.

    Sink Sanitising: Sinks are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected including the basin, faucet, handles, and countertop surrounding the sink, as well as under the sink.

    Floor Mopping: Vinyl, tile, stone, and other hard surface floors are swept and then mopped, removing stuck-on dirt for cleaner, bacteria-free floors.

    Grout Restoration: Discolored or dirty grout is restored to like-new condition with professional-grade cleaners and tools. Grout colour sealing is also available.

    In addition to scrubbing, cleaning, and disinfecting all surfaces, fixtures like the toilet, showerhead and sink faucets are descaled. Vanities are wiped out, tile grout scrubbed clean, tubs thoroughly scrubbed, and drains are cleared of hair, soap scum and other gunk. We can also freshen up the space with bathroom-specific fragrance sprays upon request.

    Get back the sparkling clean bathroom you deserve with our all-inclusive cleaning service. Contact us today for pricing and to schedule service!

    Eco-Friendly Products

    Our high-powered bathroom cleaners are formulated to be environmentally responsible. Made with plant-based ingredients, our green cleaners effectively eliminate germs and grime without harsh fumes or toxicity. Your home and the planet stay healthy.

    Excellent Customer Service

    From inquiry to invoice, communication is key. Our responsive team provides updates before arrival, answers questions on-site, and follows up after service – ensuring you enjoy an exceptional experience. Read our 5-star online reviews.

    Flexible Scheduling

    With both weekday, weekend and evening availability, our bathroom cleaning teams can accommodate your schedule. Whether you need service before hosting guests or prefer an early morning time slot, we work within your timeframe. Just choose a convenient date and let us handle the rest!

    Why Choose Affordable Cleaning and Gardening Services for Bathroom Cleaning?

    With over 20 years of experience scrubbing, disinfecting, and restoring bathrooms across Parramatta, you can trust our cleaning crews to know what they’re doing. As the most established and highest-rated provider of professional bathroom cleaning services in the area, we have a proven track record of commitment, reliability, and consistent quality cleaning.

    Our competitive edge comes down to the expertise and diligence of our trained technicians, our efficient streamlined processes that save you time, a keen eye for detail that takes bathroom cleaning to the next level, and a satisfaction guarantee that ensures you get what you paid for – an immaculate space.

    Our team at Affordable Cleaning and Gardening Services are armed with commercial-grade environmentally responsible cleaners, state-of-the-art equipment and extensive training keeping them current on the latest and greatest cleaning methods for tile, grout, porcelain, and other surfaces. We work swiftly thanks to optimised cleaning routes perfected across thousands of bathroom cleanings. What sets us apart? Here are the top reasons to choose our service over any other bathroom cleaning options:

    Our techs complete ongoing training specialising in restroom cleaning and disinfecting for all surfaces and fixtures.
    We work swiftly and strategically to get the job done right on (or ahead of) schedule. You can experience a quick service.
    Attention to Detail
    From scrubbing grout lines to descaling faucets, we meticulously clean every inch leaving no soap scum ring or mineral deposits behind.
    Satisfaction Guarantee
    If you aren’t completely satisfied with any aspect of our service, we will pay attention to it again and make your bathroom spotless.
    Bathroom hygiene

    We Strive to Deliver Impeccable Results

    From sparkling mirrors to stain-free grout, our immaculate cleaning brings your bathroom to life. We at Affordable Cleaning and Gardening Services use top tools and solutions to deliver a noticeable difference you’ll be delighted with. Expect to see superb outcomes including:

  • We eliminate up to 99% of bacteria throughout the bathroom thanks to hospital-grade disinfectants.
  • Years of soap scum, hard water buildup and grimy grout are lifted away by powerful cleaners.
  • Mirrors, shower doors and any glass shine beautifully without spots or streaks getting in the way. .
  • Sinks, tubs and metal fixtures regain their shine after removing mineral deposits and water stains.
  • When leaving, we will ensure a pleasant smell rather than harsh cleaning fumes.
  • Trust Our Expertise for Bathroom Cleaning in Parramatta

    Toilet Cleaning

    We deep clean inside bowls, outside bases, under rims, behind tanks and on floors for complete disinfection. Scrubbing, descaling, and deodorising – our toilets have never been cleaner.

    Fixture Disinfecting

    Our technicians thoroughly disinfect bathroom handles, knobs, faucets, toilet handles and more, killing 99% of bacteria with hospital-grade cleaners for a germ-free space.

    Vanity Wiping

    We hand wipe the entire interior and exterior of bathroom vanity cabinets, drawers, and counters, leaving smooth surfaces free of dust, grime and streaks.

    Tub Scrubbing

    Using specialised tools, we deep clean the tub basin and tiles, restoring surfaces to a sparkling finish by eliminating soap scum rings, mildew stains and hard water deposits.

    Drain Unclogging

    We quickly clear clogs and gunk from sink, tub and shower drains using mechanical and chemical methods for water that flows freely down fresh, germ-free pipes.

    Counter Cleansing

    All bathroom counters and surfaces are completely cleared of personal items, then sanitised and hand-polished until gleaming.

    Tile Shining

    Tile floors, walls and fixture surrounds are scrubbed, restored, and sealed so grout lines and tiles shine like new.

    Bathroom Freshening

    We eliminate odours at their source then freshen the entire space with plant-based aromatherapy spray for a clean scent.

    Our Bathroom Cleaning Process in Brief

    • 1

      Initial walkthrough

    • 2

      Clear clutter

    • 3

      Scrub every surface

    • 4

      Tidy up the bathroom

    • 5

      Final inspection

    Washroom disinfection

    Book Your Bathroom Cleaning Appointment Now

    Are you ready to transform your bathroom back to its sparkling best? Booking your cleaning appointment with us at Affordable Cleaning and Gardening Services is easy and convenient. Simply call us and confirm your booking based on your availability. Our office team will match you with trusted technicians servicing your Parramatta area neighbourhood.

    Don’t live with an unpleasant, dirty bathroom for one more day! Call now to schedule an appointment and prepare to be wowed when you see the dramatic results our Parramatta cleaning crews deliver.

    Licensed and Insured

    Our bonded and insured technicians arrive in uniform, so you know they are true professionals. You can trust them inside your home with confidence and peace of mind.

    High-Quality Equipment

    We invest in commercial-grade equipment to deliver excellent cleaning results. When paired with non-toxic cleaners, we deliver superior results.

    Frequently Asked Questions - Bathroom Cleaning Service

    We provide complete bathroom cleaning services. This includes all fixtures you have, including:

    • Basins
    • Taps
    • Showers – screens, walls, and the actual shower itself
    • Toilets
    • Mirrors
    • Light Switches
    • Cupboards
    • Sinks
    • Light Fixtures
    • Bathtubs
    • Vanities
    • Floors
    • Medicine Cabinets

    We at Affordable Cleaning and Gardening Services don’t just specialise in bathroom cleaning. As expert cleaners, we can even help you with cleaning your entire house. If you are looking for the best professional deep cleaning experts in your local area, contact us today. We deliver meticulous results for both residential and commercial property owners.

    For your convenience, we accept a variety of payment methods including credit cards. Just let your technician know your preferred payment method when you contact us for the appointment. Our pricing is transparent and affordable.

    Our hospital-grade germicidal cleaners, LED-lit magnifying glasses, grout brushes, and microfiber cloths ensure we fully sanitise and leave zero dirt behind. Our products are safe, non-toxic, and eco-friendly. They deliver reliable results, while you can experience a pristine bathroom. There is no need to worry about bathroom hygiene.

    To guarantee proper disinfecting and safety, we use our professional-grade supplies. But please inform us of any allergies so we can accommodate your medical needs.

    As part of our standard bathroom service, we’ll move small fixtures and items. For large furniture relocation, just add full home cleaning to get help shifting bigger pieces.

    We can dispatch a team to you immediately based on our availability. You can have us as your trusted bathroom cleaning expert, and we will ensure a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Simply contact us now to check our availability.

    Yes, all our professional cleaning technicians undergo extensive vetting and background checks before being dispatched. We also fully insured all staff. This will help you to hire our crew without having any doubts in mind.

    Our techs complete hours of hands-on bathroom cleaning protocols, health, and safety courses before being assigned. They further specialise over months of field experience.

    While rare, please alert your technician or our office about any issues during service. We will return to re-clean problematic areas free until you’re 100% happy!

    Absolutely yes! We use better cleaning tools and use our expertise to offer outstanding results. You will notice significant improvements in the overall condition of your bathroom when we leave.