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    Deep Cleaning Services

    Do you have odours, grime, and debris that you can’t clean with ordinary day-to-day cleaning? No matter how much you scrub, you will not be able to get rid of some marks. This is where you need deep cleaning services. 

    Deep cleaning goes way beyond just standard surface-level cleaning to thoroughly clean every nook and cranny of your home. Our expert cleaners use advanced techniques and equipment to effectively remove built-up dirt, sticky grime, stains, dust, allergens and more from floors, ceilings, walls, windows, doors, vents, furniture, appliances, bathrooms, and kitchens. We scrub tile grout, fixtures, tubs, showers, vanities, stovetops, and ovens until they are germ-free and shining. Upholstered furniture and carpets are deep cleaned and deodorised, leaving your home fresh smelling with improved indoor air quality.

    With our top-to-bottom deep cleaning services, you can expect sparkling clean surfaces free of residue, restored grout lines and tile shine, cleaner vents and ceilings, a germ-free kitchen and bathrooms, and more time between regular cleans. We offer deep cleaning for houses, apartments, offices, stores, restaurants and more. Our cleaning experts tackle even the biggest messes, leaving behind a healthier, cleaner living environment. Contact Affordable Cleaning and Gardening Services today to schedule your deep cleaning and see the difference a thorough cleaning can make. We also offer residential deep cleaning, industrial deep cleaning, deep steam cleaning, deep kitchen cleaning, deep house cleaning, deep office cleaning and deep commercial cleaning services.

    Benefits of our deep cleaning services

    Our top-to-bottom deep cleaning services offer numerous benefits that go beyond a standard surface clean. Thorough removal of dirt, dust, grime, and allergens improves your indoor air quality, providing allergy and asthma relief. Deep cleaning eliminates musty odours and leaves your home freshly scented. We deep clean carpets and upholstered furniture, removing embedded dirt, stains, and odours for a revitalised look and feel. 

    Our intensive bathroom and kitchen cleaning removes soap scum, mineral deposits, grease, and bacteria for visibly cleaner and more sanitary spaces. Sparkling clean windows let in more natural light. Cleaned baseboards, ceilings, vents and fans reduce dust buildup and allergens. Our eco-friendly hospital-grade disinfectants kill 99.9% of germs and viruses. With our Parramatta deep cleaning services, you’ll enjoy a healthier, more comfortable living environment. 

    Your home will look, feel, and smell cleaner while requiring less frequent surface cleaning between deep cleanings. Contact Affordable Cleaning and Gardening Services in Western Sydney today to schedule your deep clean or tile cleaning services.

    Our Deep Cleaning service spans across numerous locations, offering a pristine, thorough cleanse that revitalizes every corner of your space. Whether you’re in Harris Park, Rosehill, Westmead, Merrylands, or Granville, our expert team ensures your environment is spotless. Stretching further, we cover North Parramatta, Wentworthville, Northmead, Auburn, Ermington, and beyond, reaching Winston Hills, Greystanes, Lidcombe, Baulkham Hills, West Ryde, Chester Hill, Smithfield, and Eastwood.

    Improved Indoor Air Quality

    Thorough cleaning removes dust, pet dander, mold, and other allergens for easier breathing.

    Germ-Free Surfaces

    Hospital-grade disinfectants kill 99.9% of bacteria and viruses on floors, countertops, and bathrooms.

    Longer Lasting Cleanliness

    Deep cleaning gets to the root of dirt and stains so your home stays cleaner longer between cleans.

    Why hire us for deep cleaning services?

    When it comes to deep cleaning your home or business in Parramatta, Affordable Cleaning and Gardening Services is the top choice. Our experienced cleaners have the expertise to clean your space using proper techniques and equipment thoroughly. We take the time to clean every surface, crack, and crevice that standard cleans miss.

    We bring our commercial-grade steamers, carpet shampooers, and vacuums to extract deep-down dirt from carpets, rugs, and upholstery. Our powerful odour neutralisers eliminate foul odours rather than just masking them. We safely clean delicate surfaces like windows, mirrors, and glass fixtures until they sparkle. Our eco-friendly cleaning solutions are safe for your family and pets while being tough on grime. 

    We tailor our services to meet your individual needs. Our uniformed cleaners are screened, trained, insured, and ready to restore the look and feel of your interior spaces. With Affordable Cleaningand Gardening Services, you can expect outstanding results along with friendly, reliable service. Contact us today to book a deep cleaning service for your Parramatta’s home or business. 

    Expert Cleaners
    Our cleaners are professionally trained and experienced with deep cleaning techniques for superior results.
    Eco-Friendly Products
    We use effective green cleaning solutions that are safe for families, pets, and the environment.
    Thorough Deep Cleaning
    We clean every surface, fixture, appliance, vent, carpet, and area that standard cleans.
    Trustworthy Service
    Our fully insured cleaners are background-checked for your peace of mind and total satisfaction.
    Deep cleaning for apartments

    Our deep-cleaning process

    Our deep cleaning process begins with clearing clutter and removing surface dirt. We start at the top of the space and work down methodically. Then we will clean vents, fans, light fixtures, baseboards, and walls. The expert cleaners will then take a look at windows, carpets, rugs, and upholstery. We will deep clean them and deodorise them. We scrub kitchens and bathrooms removing soap scum, mineral deposits, grease, and bacteria. Finally, we sanitise all surfaces with hospital-grade disinfectant, leaving your space spotless.

    • Clear away clutter and surface-level dirt
    • Start at the top: clean vents, fans, lights, ceilings
    • Scrub walls, baseboards, windows, mirrors for streak-free shine
    • Steam clean carpets, rugs, and upholstery deeply
    • Scrub tile grout, bathroom fixtures, kitchen surfaces
    • Mop and seal floors until bright and clean
    • Apply hospital-grade disinfectant to sanitise all surfaces

    Our Parramatta's Deep Cleaning Services

    Carpet Cleaning

    We deep steam clean carpets and rugs removing stains, dirt, and allergens for fresh, fluffy results.

    Upholstery Cleaning

    Upholstered furniture is deep cleaned and deodorised, revitalising appearance and extending life.

    Grout Cleaning

    Tough tile grout is scrubbed clean removing soap scum, mineral deposits, and built-up grime.

    Industrial Cleaning

    Our commercial cleaners use powerful equipment to deep clean retail, restaurants, offices, and more.

    Window Washing

    Windows, mirrors, and glass are cleaned inside and out for crystal clear, streak-free shine.

    End-of-Lease Cleaning

    We clean thoroughly to meet end-of-lease requirements for a smooth handover.

    Kitchen Deep Cleaning

    Kitchens are degreased and disinfected - ovens, cabinets, sinks, and floors sparkle.

    Odor Removal

    We eliminate tough odours at the source - no more masking bad smells.

    Our Deep Cleaning Steps

    • 1

      Initial inspection

    • 2

      Creating a deep clean plan

    • 3

      Cleaning all surfaces

    • 4

      Disinfecting all surfaces

    • 5

      Final checkups and monitoring

    House cleaning for moving out

    Contact us today for your deep cleaning needs

    Get a deeper clean for your home or business! Book your deep cleaning services through our online booking form. Simply select the service you need and provide any special instructions. Our team will reach out to confirm your appointment and answer any questions. Deep cleaning leaves your property looking and feeling like new again!

    Our Deep Cleaning Products

    We use only eco-friendly, non-toxic products for our deep cleaning services. Our highly effective green cleaning solutions are safe for your family and pets while tough on dirt, stains, grease, and germs. Rest assured we clean thoroughly while protecting you, your interiors, and the environment.

    100% Satisfaction Guarantee

    We guarantee you will be fully satisfied with our housekeeping services. Our cleaners will re-clean any area that does not meet your standards. We will not consider the job done until you are 100% happy. Your satisfaction is our top priority.

    frequently asked questions: Deep Cleaning Services Parramatta

    Regular cleaning focuses on surface cleaning like vacuuming and dusting, while deep cleaning provides a thorough, detailed clean including scrubbing floors, walls, and surfaces. Deep cleaning removes more dirt, grease, and grime from the entire home.

    Our cleaning experts recommend a deep cleaning service every 3-6 months for a thorough, sanitising clean. More frequent deep cleanings may be preferred for homes with pets, kids, or high dust and dirt accumulation.

    The deep cleaning appointment will vary based on the size of the home. Professional cleaners work efficiently to clean the entire home including areas missed in regular cleanings. We will create an appropriate deep clean checklist and execute it to deliver excellent results.

    We only use non-toxic products safe for families and pets. Look for green-certified products without harsh chemicals and discuss any product sensitivities with cleaners beforehand.

    Yes, you can get deep cleaning services for commercial cleaning needs as well. We take care of both house deep cleaning services and office deep cleaning services. Our team can also offer bathroom deep clean service or apartment deep clean service based on your needs.

    Clear clutter from surfaces, put away fragile items, wipe down extremely dirty areas, and remove linens to be washed to allow cleaners full access for a thorough deep cleaning.

    No, you do not need to be home during your scheduled deep cleaning as our insured teams can be trusted working in your home unattended.

    Yes, our deep cleaning technicians are fully insured and bonded for your protection and peace of mind while servicing your home.

    Our deep cleaning service thoroughly cleans living areas, bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen appliances, floors, windows, baseboards, and other surfaces as needed throughout your home.

    Yes, you can. Just let us know your priorities before your scheduled cleaning and we will customise our services to deep clean the specific areas or tasks you request.