When is the Best Time to Deep Clean Your House?

As a homeowner, you are responsible for keeping your house clean. That’s the main reason why you pay attention to regular cleaning activities daily. However, daily cleaning itself is not just enough. You must also pay attention to deep cleaning from time to time. This is where you will start wondering how often you should go ahead with a house deep clean.

Millions of people end up with chronic diseases due to the presence of allergens in their homes. Whether you experience an allergy or not, you should deep clean your house. That’s because it will help you to get rid of the allergens inside the house. With that in mind, let’s start learning more about the optimal cleaning frequency to follow. 

How often should you deep clean your house? 

There’s no direct answer to this. That’s because your house cleaning schedule varies based on multiple factors. In most instances, it would be better if you could deep clean your house four times a year. In other words, you should be cleaning the house once every season. Let’s deep dive and figure out what you should clean during seasonal deep cleaning and how you can do it. 

Cleaning Your House in Spring 

Most people have spring cleaning in their cleaning timetable from September to November. It is indeed an effective cleaning time, as you will be able to get rid of all the clutter accumulated during winter. It can also help you with removing all the allergens, including dust mites and pet dander. 

Reasons for spring cleaning 

Spring marks the official end of the flu and cold season. As a result, more bacteria and dust can accumulate within your house. With the help of spring cleaning, you will also be able to prevent the growth of mould in the grout. On top of that, you can remove dust and other dirt from areas that you could not easily access during winter. 

How to proceed with spring cleaning? 

  • The first step of spring cleaning is to declutter your house. 
  • You can think about using a microfiber cloth to clean all the surfaces. 
  • It is better if you can get all your family members to help you with spring cleaning tasks. 

Cleaning Your House in Summer 

Summer months in Australia are from early December to the end of February. While adhering to an effective household maintenance routine, you shouldn’t ignore summer cleaning. Such routine housekeeping can keep your house hygienic throughout the year. If you fail to attend to timely home sanitation, you or your loved ones at home will fall ill. Since summer is the time when you all will get outdoors and have a great time, you shouldn’t ignore keeping your house clean during this season. 

Reasons for summer cleaning 

You and your family members will often go out during summertime. It is the perfect time for outdoor activities. As a result, everyone will bring dust, dirt, grime, and even bacteria inside. Without proper cleaning, you will be letting them accumulate inside the house. This can eventually make your living conditions unhygienic. That’s why you should go for a complete annual cleanup during the summer. 

How to proceed with summer cleaning? 

  • You should select a day when all your family members are at home. Then you can assign a cleaning task for each one of them. 
  • Make sure that you focus more on cleaning the exteriors of your home and other high-traffic areas. 
  • Pay special attention to cleaning the entrance area. 

Cleaning Your House in the Fall 

The cooler weather you experience during fall from March to May is a welcome break from hot and humid summers. While the temperature continues to drop, you will need to open up the windows and let some fresh air come in. It is also one of the best seasons to proceed with a full-house cleanup. 

Reasons for fall cleaning 

You are going to spend most of your time indoors during the winter season. Therefore, you should create a perfect environment without any unhygienic conditions. This is one of the main reasons to proceed with fall cleaning. On top of that, you can use summer cleaning as the best time to tackle the most essential areas of your house.

How to proceed with fall cleaning? 

  • Decluttering your home is a great way to start fall cleaning activities. 
  • You should follow a proper fall cleaning checklist for scheduled cleaning sessions. It should include all areas of your house. That’s because you don’t deep clean the entire house during summer. 

Cleaning Your House in Winter 

Winter is quite a busy time, where you will spend most of your time indoors. The winter months from June to August is a great time to get together with your loved ones and have an entertaining time. But when you look around, you will notice that there are lots of things that you simply don’t require. This is where regular household upkeep comes into play. 

Reasons for winter cleaning 

You can take good care of your cleaning to-do list during winter. Since you are spending most of your time indoors, you can take it as a great opportunity to clean the indoors as well. This will provide you with much-needed physical activity during the winter months. After cleaning the house, you will feel good and energetic. 

How to proceed with winter cleaning? 

  • You can start winter cleaning by scrubbing your home. Make sure that you focus more on scrubbing the toilets and showers. 
  • Get rid of all the mud stains you find near the front door.
  • In case you have kids, you need to pay attention to a deep cleanup during winter. 
  • You must also clean your trash cans. That’s because trash cans can harbour germs, which can lead you or your family members to health issues. 

Final Words 

Now you have a clear idea of how often you need to deep clean the house. The secret to success here is to stick to strategic cleaning intervals. You should also pay attention to using appropriate equipment and methods for the cleaning regimen. For example, it is worth using a damp rag for wiping dust. Then you can make your maintenance schedule easy and get better results. You must also make sure not to let clutter accumulate within the house. By removing clutter frequently, you can reduce house sanitation frequency.

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