What Is Bond Back Guaranteed Cleaning?

Moving from one place to another is stressful. You have to take care of many things. You have to take care of many things, including the end of lease cleaning. In Sydney, it’s often mandatory to retain your security deposit. 

Remember the money you gave the landlord during moving in? You can only get that back after passing a thorough inspection. Professional cleaning companies can make it easier for you. Many of them also provide a bond back guarantee. If you fail the inspection, the company will return the fees and re-clean the problem areas. 

Deposit Reclamation

Why Do You Need End of Lease Cleaning Service?

According to Tenants Victoria, tenants have to clean the property thoroughly. This is often mentioned in your lease agreement. Usually, there are some rules. You have to restore the property to almost its previous conditions. An inspection will take place. You have to satisfy the landlords and property managers. 

A deep cleaning is often necessary. You should prepare a checklist for the task. This includes cleaning carpets, windows, and appliances. If the house is not properly cleaned, you can lose the bond money. This is completely legal for them. Hiring professional cleaners, therefore, is a good solution. 

Cleaning companies have all sorts of equipment. They have a proper checklist to ensure the property is in the best condition. 

The Purpose of Bond Money

The purpose of the bond money is to provide financial security to landlords. It ensures that you will fulfil tenant obligations as per the agreement. It includes paying rent on time, property maintenance, etc. 

The bond money is deposited into a third-party account. The account is owned by the Rental Bond Board. You should receive legal documents about the deposit. The money will be returned to you after the end of the lease. However, if you do not pay rent or damage any property, landlords can cut the amount from the bond money. It saves the landlord from spending money on your faults.

In order to get the full refund, you have to ensure you have met all the agreements. The property should be restored to its previous condition to claim the bond. This is why you need professional cleaners. Their bond back guaranteed cleaning ensures you do not have any compensation. 

Bond Back Guaranteed Cleaning

What Are Included in Bond Cleaning?

Bond cleaning includes everything within the property. From kitchen, bedroom, living areas, etc., all should be cleaned. Here is a common list of checklists for bond cleaning:

Clean all cupboards, drawers, and shelves in the kitchen

Scrub and sanitize showers, faucets, bathtubs, sinks, and toilets in the bathroom

Wipe down all surfaces and benchtops in the kitchen

Vacuum and mop all floors in living areas and bedrooms

Clean windows, tracks, and sills throughout the property

Dust and clean all air conditioning units and vents

Clean the oven, stovetop, and range hood

Clean all doors, handles, and light switches

Spot clean walls and remove any marks

Remove cobwebs from ceilings and corners

Lease-end Cleaning Service

Why Should You Take Bond Back Guaranteed Cleaning?

You can try DIY cleaning before moving out. However, there can be some risks. You may not have enough equipment, tools, and expertise. You had better hire professionals for your rental property cleaning who provide a bond-back guarantee. Here is why:

Ensures Security Deposit Refunds

Bond back guarantee is only given by professionals. They have the expertise that makes them confident. You do not have to worry about the deposit money anymore. They will clean everything to make sure you face no problem. 

Nonetheless, if you still face any problems, they will re-clean the problem areas without additional charges. So, the bond money return is guaranteed. You can stop worrying about that. That’s why you should hire professionals with a bond back guarantee. They make the end of lease cleaning stress free for you.  

Helps You Maintain Cleaning Standard

Professional cleaning crew know the property manager’s requirements. They conduct a thorough cleaning of the whole property. They can handle difficult areas with ease. Their service guarantees a spotless home. They have the necessary tools and products. This guarantees a higher level of cleanliness. 

You have to meet the cleaning standards in the inspection. Every corner, surface, floor, carpet, and ceiling need to be cleaned. They know what methods to use for different items. They can confirm both cleanliness and hygiene. 

Budget-Friendly Option

Initially, professionals may seem expensive. But you are overlooking the bond back guarantee here. Professionals ensure you are getting that money back. That is a huge relief. DIY cleaning can save some money. But most often, tenants end up losing some part of the deposited money. 

There are no such risks with professionals. They already give you the guarantee that you will get back your bond. Therefore, hiring professionals is a more convenient and budget-friendly option. 

Stress-Free Transition

End of lease cleaning is stressful work. It requires you to go through multiple steps. First, you have to check the lease agreement properly. Then, make a checklist for the cleaning. Then, you have to clean everything. Cleaning the full house is a difficult task. You can hardly do it alone without help. Friends and family members can assist. Still, it will be tough to remove the furniture and clean everything. 

You will also need to take cleaning equipment on rent. And you have to buy cleaning products, too. These are a lot of works. You can feel overwhelmed and at a loss. It’s possible to slip through such stress. Hire professional cleaners. They will do all these things for you, such as:

  • They will make the checklist for your property
  • Clean both indoors and outdoors thoroughly.
  • Make sure you meet the cleaning standard 
  • They have the necessary tools to work in any area. 

Professionals bring their own equipment and supplies. This saves you from buying and handling cleaning products. You won’t have too much work. This will be a huge relief. It makes the transition stress-free for you. 

Saves Much Time for You

Another benefit of hiring bond back guaranteed cleaners is they save you time. The whole cleaning process is too lengthy. Even professionals may need a full working day. You won’t be able to focus on any other work during DIY cleaning. It’s not only about the working duration. DIY deep cleaning can make you tired. You won’t be able to focus on any task. This is too much time. 

Letting it be done by professionals can save you time. Professionals complete it quickly and effectively. They are bond cleaning specialists. They regularly do the work and know how to handle different home appliances. 

Helps You Impress the Landlords

Bond back guaranteed cleaning helps you impress landlords. Professional cleaners ensure everything is spotless. This reflects positively on you as a tenant. Landlords feel impressed, and it reduces the risk of disputes. You can leave with a positive note. 

Impressive landlords can help you with future rental opportunities. You can get positive reviews from them. It makes it easier to secure a new rental. A good impression can lead to favourable rental terms and increased trust from your landlords. 

The positive review increases your reliability and responsibility as a tenant. This can help you get the property on rent with easier terms. 

Property Management Cleaning Services

What Other Things You Need to Consider

Many cleaning companies provide bond back guarantee. However, you need to look for other qualities to ensure you are hiring the right company. 

  • Check the reputation of the company. You should look for reviews and testimonials from previous clients. 
  • Choose a company with extensive experience in end of lease cleaning. 
  • Ensure the cleaners are certified and trained professionals.
  • Confirm that the service includes a thorough cleaning checklist.
  • You had better learn a few things. Understand the terms and conditions of the bond back guarantee. 
  • Flexibility will be helpful. Therefore, choose a service that offers flexible scheduling. 

Final Words

A bond back guarantee is helpful for tenants. It secures your deposited money. You let professionals work on the property, you can focus on other works. Affordable Gardening and Cleaning Services is a reliable, professional cleaning company for people in Sydney. We have over 20 years of experience. We ensure all tenant obligations are met, and you face no issues during the inspection. Our expert crew can thoroughly clean the residential property. Your moving out becomes less stressful and more convenient.