The Difference Between Pressure Washing and Soft Washing

Pressure cleaning is one of the best ways to keep your house clean. It will help you to get rid of layers of dirt or dust accumulated on the exterior surfaces of your house. It is even a satisfying experience to see how dirt gets washed away. While focusing on regular cleaning for your Paramatta home, you should also attend to pressure washing at least once every six months. 

When it comes to pressure washing, you have a few methods to consider. Pressure washing and soft washing are two such methods. How can you find a better method for them? In this comprehensive article, we will share the pros and cons of each method. When you can discover the differences and figure out the better method out of the two.

What is Soft Washing? 

Some people think that soft washing is not a part of pressure washing. But it is. As the name suggests, soft washing is a pressure washing method with lower pressure. It is one of the most popular exterior cleaning methods among homeowners.

When it comes to soft washing, your cleaner will be spraying water at a pressure under 500 PSI. Moreover, the cleaner will replace the tip of the pressure washer with the widest available spray. This will drop the overall point of pressure as well.

The objective of low-pressure cleaning solutions is to ensure proper breakdown of dirt. Moreover, you can also use it to get rid of the organisms that live on the exterior surfaces of your home. No surface preparation techniques are needed before you go ahead with soft washing. It is also one of the eco-friendly washing options available to consider. That’s because soft washing can’t take away the protective coating that you have applied on the exterior surface of the home. 

Where can I use Soft Washing? 

Here are some of the instances where you can go ahead with soft washing:

  • Cleaning outdoor wooden furniture
  • Cleaning stucco
  • Cleaning plants rooted outdoors
  • Cleaning wood panel siding
  • Cleaning cedar shake
  • Cleaning vinyl siding 

What are the benefits of Soft Washing? 

Soft washing uses water at lesser pressure. As a result, the risk of it causing damage is quite low. If you are worried about damaging the exterior surfaces of your home with pressure cleaning, this would be a good approach to follow. Soft washing is an eco-friendly method available for house siding cleaning and other cleaning tasks. That’s mainly because you are using less water. If you are looking for an environmentally safe cleaning method, you should go for this. 

What are the drawbacks of Soft Washing? 

Similar to the benefits, there are some drawbacks to soft washing as well. For example, the pressure that you use is less. As a result, you may not be able to get rid of some accumulated dirt on the very first attempt. This can force you to go ahead with multiple repeated applications. 

With soft washing, you will often need to use a cleaning solution as well. The cleaning solution you should use would vary based on the application and type of surface. For example, cleaning solutions for mould and mildew removal are different from what you should use for concrete and patio cleaning. 

What is Pressure Washing? 

Pressure washing is more popular than soft washing. That’s because high-pressure water cleaning is quite effective in removing dirt from numerous surfaces. In here, you will not be heating water. That’s the main difference between pressure washing and residential power washing. However, the point of pressure would be high and effective enough to help you with cleaning. Finding a service provider for pressure washing would be relatively easy as well. 

When it comes to pressure washing, you will be applying water at a temperature of around 4,000 PSI. This pressure can be quite dangerous. Hence, people should be extra careful about safety with pressure washing applications. If not, it can lead you to numerous issues, such as bruises, punctures, and even eye injuries. 

You should also maintain distance when you use pressure washing to clean a surface. This is not something to ignore, especially when you are getting roof cleaning services or vinyl siding cleaning services. Otherwise, you will end up damaging the surface.

Where can I use Pressure Washing? 

Unlike residential or commercial soft washing, pressure washing has numerous applications. You will be able to use it for the following situations: 

  • Cleaning concrete sidings
  • Cleaning stone pathways
  • Cleaning patio furniture 
  • Cleaning the roof 
  • Cleaning the driveway 

If you want to clean any hard surface, pressure washing would be a good solution available to proceed. 

What are the benefits of Pressure Washing? 

Pressure washing is a more effective method available for cleaning. You just need to make sure that you are using the right cleaning team for it. For example, it can offer effective results for wood restoration cleaning or deck and fence washing. You will also be able to use pressure washing to clean deep grooves and cracks. Since the beam of water is powerful, you don’t need to use any harsh chemicals. You can settle down with gentle cleaning solutions for your cleaning needs. 

The drawback of pressure washing is the level of expertise needed. If an experienced person uses a pressure washing gun, you will have to experience property damage. It can also result in personal injuries. That’s why you must always stick to the best cleaning team to get the pressure washing services you need. 

What method is more cost-effective? 

We always worry about the cost when we try to get the cleaning services we need. The cost of soft washing would vary depending on a few factors. They include the extent of work that you require and the overall size of your home. If you can regularly wash and maintain the house, you will be able to stay away from the need for soft washing services.

The cost of pressure washing depends on a higher number of factors. They include the depth of your stains, the nature of the cleaning job, and the overall size of the factor. The cost of pressure washing is higher than soft washing. However, getting it at least once a year can be a good investment that you make to protect your home. 

Always contact experts for help 

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