Quick Cleaning Solutions for Christmas

Are you a homeowner in Paramatta, getting ready for upcoming Christmas holiday celebrations? Then holiday cleaning must be one of the biggest challenges you face as of now. Luckily, you don’t have to spend so much time and effort on Christmas tidying. We will share some fast cleanup tips to follow, which can make your life easy.

Declutter your living space

The very first thing you should do during holiday cleaning is to declutter your living space. This is where you can follow speedy decluttering steps. Quickly go through each room, tackling clutter accumulated along with time. If you haven’t used anything in the past six months, you can simply get rid of it from the living space. 

While clearing surfaces, you must also put away all the out-of-place items. Instead of throwing away excessive belongings, you can simply store them. This will create an ideal environment within your home for festive organisation. 

Last-minute cleaning tips

Focus more on high-traffic areas 

When it comes to rapid cleaning, you should focus more on the high-traffic areas of your home. This includes all the areas that receive more foot traffic. Such areas can quickly become cluttered and dirty. You can start off by cleaning the foyer or entryway. This will provide a great first impression for the guests who will come to your house during the Christmas holidays. 

You must stow all the items properly. Then you can properly vacuum or sweep the floors while wiping down all other surfaces.  

Deep clean bathrooms and kitchen

When it comes to seasonal housekeeping, you should focus more on the bathrooms and kitchen. That’s because you and your guests tend to use them more during the holiday season. You can clear off all the countertops and organise cabinets. If you come across any expired items, you should discard them. Next, you should focus on efficient dusting of the surfaces. 

Along with that, you must wipe down all the sinks, countertops, and appliances. Make sure that you pay more attention to the refrigerator and oven. Natural cleaning solutions can help you to clean them effectively. 

To speed up cleaning your bathroom, you can use disinfecting wipes. They can be helpful when cleaning the countertops, sinks, and the toilet. Make sure that you buy wipes that contain hydrogen peroxide or citric acid. They are more effective in killing germs and bacteria. Moreover, you can think about filling up a spray bottle with undiluted white vinegar for cleaning. Baking soda can also help you with both bathroom cleaning and kitchen cleaning activities. 

Christmas cleaning checklist

Speed up cleaning your floors 

Floors tend to take a beating during the holidays. With constant foot traffic, dropped crumbs, and potential pine needle mess, keeping floors clean can be a real challenge. This is where you should proceed with swift vacuuming and rapid mopping. 

To make a fast floor-cleaning solution, you can mix one part of white vinegar with four parts of water. When you put it in a spray bottle, you can make mopping easy. You just need to lightly mist this mixture over hardwood, tile, or vinyl floors. Make sure to use a microfiber cloth when mopping to get an even better cleaning experience. The vinegar will cut through grime and leave your floors sparkling. This will help you to bring out the holiday shine effectively.

If you have a carpet floor, you should learn how to vacuum it quickly. This is where the hose attachment of your vacuum can be helpful. It will help you to quickly go over high-traffic areas. For an extra boost, you can sprinkle some baking soda over the carpet before you vacuum. This will help you to absorb all the odours effectively. As a result, you will be able to maintain seasonal freshness throughout. 

Tackle all surfaces quickly 

To ensure Yuletide cleanliness, you need to make sure that all surfaces of your home are clean. A quick wipe down of surfaces can be an easy way to ensure it. You may staff off by preparing an appropriate cleaning solution for it. Such a cleaning solution can be made by adding water and vinegar to a spray bottle in equal parts. This is a non-toxic and simple mixture, which you can use to cut through grease and grime on countertops. You may also use it to clean tables and other flat surfaces.

You must not forget to pay attention to the overlooked spots of your home to ensure merry tidiness. They include windowsills, baseboards, and the tops of light fixtures. These areas tend to collect a surprising amount of grime and dust. When you wipe them down, you can make a big difference in freshening up your home. 

Fast house cleaning

Streamline your cleaning routine 

When you are short of time, last-minute cleaning to make your house ready can be frustrating. One of the hacks you can follow in here is to create an ultimate cleaning and tidying checklist. It should include all the tasks that you want to accomplish. By following the checklist, you know the steps that you should follow. Hence, you can remain organised and make sure that you don’t forget any steps. 

Along with the checklist, you can also gather all the cleaning supplies you need. When you have everything in a portable spot, you can zip around the home efficiently. To keep your house shiny for guests, you can also use a multi-purpose cleaner. They can help you tackle multiple surfaces without wasting a lot of time. Vinegar and water solution is a perfect example of such a multi-purpose cleaner.

Freshen up your home with holiday scents 

Last but not least, you can freshen up your home with some holiday scents. There is no need to buy air fresheners from a store. You can easily simmer a pot of water on the stovetop with orange peels or cinnamon sticks. If you prefer a different smell, you can consider using cloves or a splash of vanilla extract as well. All these can provide you with a classic Christmas aroma. 

Alternatively, you may place a few drops of cranberry, pine, or gingerbread essential oils around the house. A diffuser can help you with spreading the unique scent. If you can keep it near your Christmas tree, you can create a wonderful vibe all around the house. 

There are a few other alternative methods available to create quick and natural air fresheners. For example, you can fill up a small bowl with baking soda and add a few drops of essential oil. Then you can place them in the strategic spots around the house. Entryways to your house and your bathrooms are a few ideal places for placing them. Then you can neutralise unpleasant odors and spread holiday cheer.

Holiday cleaning tips

Final Words 

These are some of the best tips to prepare your home for Christmas celebrations. However, you may not be able to follow all these steps to deep clean the house on your own. That’s where you can contact our experts at Affordable Cleaning Services. We will come up with the ideas to clean your house and make it ready for both you and your guests in the upcoming Christmas. Simply contact us today to schedule your Christmas cleaning appointment.