How Does Professional End Of Lease Cleaning Differ From Regular Cleaning?

Regular cleaning and end of lease cleaning are not the same. Many people make the mistake of underestimating bond cleaning. They try DIY cleaning and often fail in property inspection to get their bond money back. Actually, end-of-tenancy cleaning needs more time, work, and expertise. You have to hire professionals for the task. Knowing the differences will help you understand why you need to invest in professional cleaning companies. 

What Is Regular Cleaning?

Regular cleaning is what you do on a daily or weekly basis to keep your house clean and sanitised. What you clean during these sessions varies. Some day, you may clean the kitchen and bathrooms. On some other days, you may clean floors, carpets, and bedrooms. It depends completely on your preferences. There is no routine or obligatory checklist. 

Here are some tasks for regular cleaning:

  • Dusting surfaces
  • Vacuuming carpets and rugs
  • Sweeping and mopping floors
  • Wiping down kitchen counters and appliances
  • Washing dishes
  • Cleaning faucets, showers, mirrors, and floor of the bathroom
  • Taking out the trash
  • Changing bed linens
  • Cleaning mirrors and windows
  • Tidying up and organising clutter, etc. 

Some of these cleanings are done daily, while some are less frequent. Cleaning the dishes and vacuuming the floor daily are good practices. Windows, ceiling, and carpets are occasionally cleaned.

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What Is the End of Lease Cleaning?

Lease-end cleaning refers to deep cleaning for rental property. This cleaning is not done regularly. Instead, you do it just before the lease duration ends. You should check the agreement if there is any mention of the time. The goal is to restore the property to its original condition. 

RTA has set certain cleaning standards for lease termination cleaning. Tenants have to ensure the house is as clean as it was when the tenants moved in. You will face difficulties to get your security deposit back if the landlord or property managers are not satisfied.

Parts of end of lease cleaning include:

  • Cleaning kitchen appliances
  • Deep cleaning carpet, stairs, and floors
  • Washing inside and outside of all appliances
  • Scrubbing bathrooms
  • Washing windows and doors
  • Removing any marks or stains on walls and ceiling, etc.
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Professional End of Lease and Regular Cleaning Differences

You can identify a number of differences between these two cleanings. The following discussion outlines them.

Professional End of Lease Cleaning Requires More Tools

Some tools are commonly used in both regular and exit cleaning. However, the latter also requires the use of some specialised tools. Some specialised cleaning equipment are:

  • Floor sanders
  • Pressure washers
  • Steam cleaners for upholstery and carpet cleaning
  • Floor scrubbers and polishers
  • Microfibre cloths and mops
  • Mould and mildew remover
  • High-powered vacuum cleaners, etc. 

Some of these tools are not necessary for regular cleaning. So, it’s common for you not to have them. They can be expensive to buy. For one-time use, they are not a good investment. Professionals have all these property management cleaning equipment. They save you from spending on these equipment. 

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Detailed Cleaning Checklist

You don’t need a checklist for regular cleaning. Take a careful look at the house and see what needs cleaning. However, keeping cleaning notes can be helpful for bedroom, kitchen, and bathroom sanitisation. 

On the other hand, you must make a cleaning checklist before bond cleaning. Take your time to inspect the house properly and make the list. Cleaning companies have a professional checklist for each task. They will survey the house and update the list according to your needs. It helps you ensure nothing is left clean. 

Time and Costs

End of lease cleaning takes more time, and it’s also costly. It makes sense as you will have to go through a thorough cleaning. Usually, it takes a full working day, even for professional cleaners. You need various cleaning solutions and tools. They are often expensive. An easy solution is hiring end of lease cleaners. Professionals save you time and reduce the risk of losing bond money. 

Regular cleaning does not take so much of your time. It may take one or two hours. And the cost is not very high either. You don’t need any specialised cleaning supplies for regular cleaning. So, the cost is not a concern. 

Frequency of Cleaning

You can guess it from their names. Regular cleaning is done more often, regularly. The frequency depends on how health-conscious you are. Overall, you clean something every day. 

End of lease cleaning is a one-time activity. You do not do it often. This is often mentioned in lease agreements. It is your responsibility to clean and disinfect the property before leaving. The cleaning process includes moving the furniture, cleaning windows, ceilings, and roof. All these works need hours to complete. 

Besides, professionals do not begin their move-out cleaning services without proper inspection. They carefully prepare a list for the best result. 

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Bond Cleaning Has A Deadline

The deadline for end of lease cleaning is mentioned in lease agreements. Usually, you have to clean the property while moving out. Make sure it is completed before the next tenant comes. In some cases, landlords ask to complete it early for inspections. 

There is no deadline for regular cleaning. You are doing it willingly for yourself. If you want, you can do it any time of the day and any day of the week. You have no obligation regarding the date and time. However, for a clean and healthy environment, you ought to follow a cleaning routine. 

What You Need to Clean

Bond cleaning includes intensive cleaning tasks. You have to clean every area and every corner of the property. From living space to bathrooms, kitchen, ceiling, and stairs. Nothing should be left untouched. 

For regular cleaning, the scope is not so large. You can divide your property into different categories. It can be in daily, weekly, monthly, and half-yearly categories, for example. Regular cleaning does not focus on the entire property. You only work in a certain area. It’s less laborious. 

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Purposes of the Cleaning

The purpose of professional end of lease cleaning is to help you get your security deposit returned. They clean thoroughly everything to restore to their previous versions. No stains, no marks, or dirt can be found. It’s a part of your property agreement, and professionals help you maintain them. 

Regular cleaning is done for the purpose of cleanliness and hygiene. The unclean environment is not healthy, and it can spread germs and bacteria. People living on the property become prone to various diseases. 


After a professional end of lease cleaning, a landlord inspection is performed.  They have their inspection checklist to ensure you have not missed anything. This is why you need professionals. They ensure no part of the property remains uncleaned. You can check the property yourself before the landlords and managers. 

No one is going to inspect a regular cleaning. It’s up to you whether you are going to do it properly. Considering the health benefits, you had better inspect the result yourself. 

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Final Thought

Professional end of lease cleaning is a thorough process that involves cleaning everything on a property. Your security deposit return depends on it. Therefore, you have to select a reputed company. In Parramatta, Affordable Cleaning and Gardening Services is a reliable name for residential cleaning services with a 100% bond back guarantee. This means, if the landlord is not satisfied, we reclean the entire property without taking any charge. We have helped hundreds of tenants with end of lease cleaning. Our expert team ensures all the tenant cleaning requirements are met and you leave with a good impression.