Cleaning Up After a Kitchen Remodel: What You Need to Know

When the dust settles and the last contractor leaves your newly remodelled kitchen, you’re left with a sparkling new space and the daunting task of cleaning up. But fear not! This comprehensive guide, drawing on expert insights and tips, will help you navigate the cleanup process with ease.

Preparation is Key

Even before the remodel begins, preparation can save you a lot of hassle. As per data, Laying protective sheets over your furniture and closing vents in the work area can prevent dust from spreading throughout your home​​.

Safety First

Before you start, remember to protect yourself. Dust, chemicals, and debris are common post-renovation, so wear a dust mask, goggles, and gloves. This will keep you safe from potential irritants and injuries​​.

Tackling Appliances and Surfaces

Cleaning your appliances requires special attention. For the oven and other appliances, start by removing any removable parts and washing them separately. Create a baking soda paste for tough stains and let it sit overnight. For stubborn residue, a plastic scraper or a soft-bristle brush can be effective. Don’t forget to wipe down the exterior surfaces as well​​.

Cabinet Care

Newly installed cabinets and drawers should be cleaned gently. Dust them off and check for any damage. Use a mild cleaning solution and avoid harsh chemicals that could damage the finish​​.

Floor Care

Don’t overlook the floors. Monthly scrubs, especially in corners where dirt accumulates, are essential. Use a mixture of warm water, vinegar, and dish soap for tougher stains on baseboards. For hardwood floors, use products recommended by your remodeler and consider felt pads under furniture to protect the new finish​​​​.

Countertop Maintenance

Countertops, especially stone ones, need proper care. Use mild soap and water for daily cleaning and consult local kitchen and bath stores for product recommendations for deeper cleaning. Regularly wipe down surfaces to prevent accumulation of food and other substances​​.

Micro-details Matter

Don’t forget small details like vent grates, light fixtures, window panes, and door handles. These often-overlooked areas can harbor dust and grime​​.

HVAC Considerations

Post-remodel, it’s advisable to replace your HVAC filters. This prevents dust from circulating through your home and maintains air quality​​​​.

The Final Touch

Once everything is cleaned, it’s time to move back in. Assess your existing furniture and decor. Does it match the new style of your kitchen? Sometimes, adding a few new pieces can significantly enhance the overall look of your remodeled space​​.

Maintenance Checklist

Keep a maintenance checklist for your new kitchen. This includes sealing natural stone countertops, protecting wood floors, and changing air filters regularly​​.

Celebrate Your New Space

Finally, celebrate your new kitchen. Consider throwing a small party or simply enjoying a quiet evening in your newly pristine space.


How can I prevent dust from spreading during a remodel?

Before the remodel starts, lay protective sheets over furniture and close any vents in the renovation area to contain dust.

What’s the best way to clean new cabinets and drawers?

Dust them off gently, check for any damage, and use a mild cleaning solution.

How often should I clean my kitchen floors after a remodel?

Monthly scrubs are recommended, with particular attention to corners and baseboards.

What should I do with my old kitchen furniture after a remodel?

Evaluate if they match the new style. Sometimes, replacing a few pieces can enhance the overall appeal of your new kitchen.

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