8 Signs It’s Time to Call a Window Cleaning Service

Keeping your windows clean and clear should be a regular part of home maintenance. But knowing when to call in the professionals for window cleaning services can be tricky. Windows exposed to the elements will inevitably collect dirt, dust, grime, and buildup over time. Reaching high or hard-to-access windows often requires special equipment.

Here are 8 signs it may be time to call for professional residential or commercial window cleaning services:

Streaks and Spots Remain After Cleaning

Have you noticed streaks, spots, or smudges on your windows even after you’ve washed them yourself? This is a telltale sign your DIY efforts aren’t cutting it. Window cleaners have specialized tools, solutions, and techniques to scrub windows spotless. They can be cleaned without leaving behind streaks or water spots. Working with a window cleaning service is the most effective way to get rid of dirty windows. 

Interior and Exterior Surfaces are Cloudy

When the interior and exterior glass surfaces appear cloudy even after cleaning, this indicates a stubborn film buildup. Hard water, pollution, and mineral deposits from rain can cause cloudiness. Professional window cleaners have professional-grade cleaners that can dissolve the film quickly and easily without scratching the glass. You will not see any streaks on the glass as well. 

Windows is Difficult to Open or Close

If your windows stick, jam, or take too much effort to open, the window tracks probably need a deep clean. Window cleaners have the proper tools to clear out dirt, grime, paint, and other gunk from window tracks and sashes. Clean tracks allow windows to glide smoothly open and closed. They can even access hard-to-reach windows and clean them effectively. You just need to partner with a window cleaning service for regular window maintenance. Then you don’t need to worry about their functionality. 

It’s Been Over a Year Since Your Last Professional Cleaning

For most homes, professional window cleaning every 12-24 months is ideal. Any longer between cleanings, and you’ll start to notice dirty windows again. Annual or biannual window cleaning removes built-up before it becomes too stubborn to clean yourself. Adhering to such a cleaning schedule can offer clear window views to you throughout the year. Based on the type of your windows, you can adhere to the correct window cleaning frequency. 

Windows are Too High or Dangerous to Reach

Upper floor and high windows can be difficult and dangerous for DIY cleaning. Professional window cleaners use ladders, lifts, and advanced tools to safely access windows multiple stories high. They have specialized window cleaning tools and reach tools. You can expect them to wash second-story and higher windows without hazards. Since the window cleaners use safe window cleaning methods, you don’t have to worry about anything. 

Mould or Mildew is Visible Around Windowsills

Mould and mildew growth around windowsills or frames means excess moisture. Window cleaners have solutions and scrub brushes to remove moldmouldldew, and bacteria from windowsills and tracks. Controlling the excess moisture can help prevent future mould growth. Window cleaners can help you with it as well. They offer both residential window cleaning and commercial window cleaning services to ensure convenience. 

Stains Are Present From Rain, Birds, or Minerals

Certain stubborn stains can cling to window glass and resist basic DIY cleaning solutions. Bird droppings, rain or limescale buildup, and other natural stains are no match for window cleaners. They have professional-strength cleaners, tools, and strategies to remove tough stains.

Window grime and buildup 

Of course, the most obvious reason to call a professional window cleaning service is to restore crystal clear, pristine windows that sparkle beautifully inside and out. Expert cleaners have top-quality tools and solutions for removing all dirt, grime, and buildup. After a professional cleaning, smudge-free windows shine beautifully.

Final words

Though windows may look clean, only professional cleaners have what it takes for spotless, streak-free glass that sparkles. Plus, they can safely reach tricky second-story or higher windows. If you’ve noticed any signs like cloudiness, streaks, stains, or grime, it’s probably time to call for a thorough cleaning. Regular professional window washing ensures your views stay crystal clear year-round.

You need to be aware of the importance of window upkeep. It will contribute a lot towards the aesthetic appeal and functionality of your property. There is a significant difference between DIY vs. professional window cleaning as well. To get the most effective window cleaning experience, you should partner with a reliable window cleaning service. This is where Affordable Cleaning and Gardening can help. It is the leading window cleaning service in Parramatta. You can get their eco-friendly window cleaning services to keep all your windows clean. Feel free to connect with the team of experts and receive their support to keep your windows clean.