6 Signs Your Lawn Needs Immediate Attention

Lush green lawns enhance the beauty of any residential or commercial landscape in Parramatta. However, lawns can easily become plagued by problems. This is why you should properly care for your lawn. While taking good care of your lawn, you should also be mindful of the signs indicating problems. Here are 6 such signs that indicate problems with your lawn that require immediate attention. 

Yellowing or Browning Grass

Grass turning yellow or brown are sign of underlying issues. Yellow patches point to insufficient nutrients. It can also indicate thatch build-up or soggy soil. Brown patches in grass indicate drought stress or disease. It can also indicate pests or dog urine damage. Identify the specific causes and treat yellow and brown grass promptly. Otherwise, you will not be able to retain the good looks of your grass for a longer time. 

Before you act, it is important to gain knowledge on lawn disease identification. Then you can confirm whether yellowing or browning of grass happens due to a disease or not. By understanding the root cause, you can proceed with treating your lawn. However, there are a few reasons you can’t address on your own. For example, you need to contact a professional pest extermination company to deal with lawn pest problems. 

Sparse, Thin Grass Growth

If the grass appears sparse with large bare patches, it needs help. Thin grass growth results from lack of sunlight and heavy foot traffic. But it can also happen due to poor drainage or compacted soil. Dethatching, aerating, fertilising and overseeding can improve dense grass growth.

If you see signs of lawn damage, you need to understand that it happens mainly due to foot traffic. This is where you need to reduce foot traffic as much as possible. It is better to have designated walkways so that people can use them to walk. By doing this, you can keep your lawn away from getting thin. 

Uneven grass growth 

Inconsistent grass growth creates uneven lawn surfaces. Some areas appear much taller and thicker than the rest. This indicates improper mowing, watering, drainage issues or nutrient deficiencies. Levelling the lawn and adjusting care practices helps restore uniform growth.

In the meantime, it is important to be aware of lawn fertilisation mistakes. It is completely fine to fertilise the lawn on your own. But you need to have a solid understanding of how to do it. This is where you should follow a guide and figure out how to fertilise properly. Then you provide nutrients to your lawn and stay away from numerous problems. 

Visible Pest Problems

It is important to watch for visible lawn pest infestations. Grubs, chinch bugs, ants and crabgrass destroy grass blades and roots. You need to identify the pests and use suitable natural or chemical control methods. Pest damage left untreated can destroy the entire lawn.

Since DIY pest control can be tricky, it is better to work with a professional exterminator. If you make mistakes with using pesticides, you will end up with ruining your lawn. To make sure that you don’t make such a mistake, you may hand over the work to a professional pest extermination company. 

Signs of fungal diseases 

Fungal diseases like brown patches, dollar spots and rust turn grass yellowish-brown. Check for colour changes and irregular brown patches in your lawn regularly. You should also keep your eyes open to spot black dust-like spores on grass. Apply appropriate fungicide products to eliminate fungal diseases before they spread. This will help you to overcome grass blade discolouration.

During your lawn care schedule, you should carefully inspect the health of the grass. Then you can spot signs of lawn damage as above. By understanding early signs of lawn problems, you can fix the issues before they get worse. 

Thatch build-up in grass 

Thatch is the thin layer of dead roots, stems and debris between soil and grass. Excess thatch feels spongy underfoot. It restricts air, water, and nutrient circulation to grass. This is where you need to focus on regular dethatching. Dethatching clears excess thatch so grass can absorb proper nutrients and moisture.

You should never ignore the importance of dethatching your lawn regularly. It will help you to make sure that your grass grows healthily. Healthier grass will eventually help you with getting a perfect-looking lawn. 

Final words 

Inspecting the lawn regularly makes it easier to spot these warning signs early. Addressing problems at the initial stages prevents significant lawn damage. You may seek professional lawn care assistance for severe or complex lawn issues. Proper maintenance and prompt care ensure your lawn stays lush green and healthy all year round.

If you are looking for a lawn care specialist in Paramatta, you may get in touch with Affordable Cleaning & Gardening. These specialists have the knowledge and expertise to identify issues with your lawn. Then we will go ahead and fix it for you. You just need to schedule regular lawn care appointments with them. It is one of the best investments that you can make to maintain a healthier-looking lawn throughout the year.